Welcome to San Salvador Island!


San Salvador Island's international airport (ZSA) is equipped by long airstrip, this allows landing and takeoff from small aircraft to airliner jet.

The airport is just 3 minutes drive from Club Med Resort, Marina, and Villa Isoela too, so is simple and fast to you arrive and leave from it.



Your own plane

Your own plane

Your own boat

Your own boat

BAHAMASAIR operates Non-stop flights from Miami (KMIA) to San Salvador (ZSA) (available on Saturday only);
Bahamasair's daily air service from Miami/Fort Lauderdale to Nassau and flight from Nassau (NAS) to San Salvador (ZSA); 
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Not so far from the San Salvador's airport there is a very nice marina, principal port on the island, so you can get there with your own boat or yacht and accommodate it in private dockage.
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Non-stop flight from Miami to San Salvador Island (Operated by American Airlines or Bahamasair on Saturday only)

San Salvador in the world



How you can get there?


You can get to San Salvador Island by your plane or charter flight. This provide you a more comfortable and flexible travel to the island.

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  With our golf cart  your vacation will be much more easy and comfortable!


AND IF YOU NEED MORE SPACE, don't worry you can RENT a CAR or a VAN directly on the island.

The golf cart is included in Villa Isoela's rental. It's equipped by gasoline engine, four seats, and clawed tires, to face some sandy route during your wild adventure to discover San Salvador island. The golf cart is the best vehicle to face the island, infact is not necessary rent a car because the island is not so big, and the golf cart will give you an adventurous experience.
To fill up the tank you can go to a gas pump that is located at the marina area.