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  San Salvador Fishing

"Only about 50 miles east of Cat Island, San Salvador earned a reputation as the winter wahoo spot, but it really offers much more. 

Two large seamounts north of the island hold wahoo in winter, and large schools of yellowfin tuna all summer, and once again, where you find yellowfin, you find blue marlin. 

These seamounts make great places to start, but the southern end of San Salvador also holds fish off Sandy Point at the extreme southwest corner of the island. On my most recent trip there, we caught a small blue marlin while trolling within 50 yards of the beach at this point. 

Only one marina exists on San Salvador. This marina had a reputation as a place with a terrible surge, but that situation has diminished since the marina expanded some years ago. 

The San Salvador natives in general, provides a special atmosphere that many traveling fishermen find irresistible."

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